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The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) RSS feed -- Search Results in Psychiatry. NEJM ( is a weekly general medical journal that publishes new medical research findings, review articles, and editorial opinion on a wide variety of topics of importance to biomedical science and clinical practice.

Case 15-2018: An 83-Year-Old Woman with Nausea, Vomiting, and Confusion
31/12/69 - Presentation of Case. Dr. Andrew S. Hoekzema (Medicine): An 83-year-old woman was admitted to this hospital in the winter because of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and confusion. One week before admission, rhinorrhea, sore throat, and nonproductive cough developed. The patient felt feverish but did…

The Drug-Intoxication Epidemic and Solid-Organ Transplantation
31/12/69 - To the Editor: The drug-abuse epidemic in the United States has led to an increased number of organ donors dying from drug intoxication. We investigated the effect of drug intoxication?related deaths on organ donation and outcomes after transplantation by analyzing data on donors and…

Moving On
31/12/69 - Everyone in my examining room is aging on schedule, patients and doctor alike. It?s quite a change from the scene a few decades ago, when all of us were young and the patients were dying, one HIV-fueled departure after another, each one surrounded by a little medical care to soothe the worst of it.…

The Best Medical Care in the World
31/12/69 - The first few days he was here, they didn?t know about his defibrillator. That would seem shocking in a palliative care hospital where people come to die, but to one who knows Kenneth?s story, it?s no surprise. He didn?t tell them about the ICD, and the doctors didn?t ask. (Why would they? Do you…

Potential Public Health Effects of Reducing Nicotine Levels in Cigarettes in the United States
31/12/69 - Tobacco is addictive, primarily because of the presence of nicotine. Although nicotine itself is not the direct cause of most smoking-related diseases, addiction to nicotine in tobacco is the proximate cause of these diseases because it sustains smoking behavior. Thus, the magnitude of public…

Improving Adoption of EHRs in Psychiatric Care
31/12/69 - Psychiatric illnesses are common, disabling, and costly to patients, their families and communities, and the health care system. By 29 years of age, more than half of Americans will have had an impairing and clinically significant psychiatric illness, such as an anxiety disorder, a psychotic…

Suicide: A Silent Contributor to Opioid-Overdose Deaths
31/12/69 - As the toll of opioid-overdose deaths in the United States rises, we face an urgent need for prevention. But preventing such deaths will require a better understanding of the diverse trajectories by which overdoses occur, including the distinction between intentional (suicide) and unintentional…

Strategies for Reducing Opioid-Overdose Deaths ? Lessons from Canada
31/12/69 - North America is in the midst of its most serious drug-overdose crisis in history. From 1999 through 2015, drug-overdose deaths approximately tripled in the United States, and the majority of such deaths now involve an opioid. In 2016 alone, there were 64,000 drug-overdose deaths in the United…

Case 12-2018: A 30-Year-Old Woman with Cardiac Arrest
31/12/69 - Presentation of Case. Dr. Emily C. Cleveland (Emergency Medicine): A 30-year-old woman was brought to the emergency department of this hospital because of cardiac arrest. On the morning of this presentation, the patient was found unresponsive in her bedroom. Her mother called emergency medical…

Cousin Pam
31/12/69 - "Cousin Pam! Here, Cousin Pam!" "Good morning. I?m your doctor. How do you feel today?" "Cousin Pam, you?re my doctor?" He looks puzzled. "You are in the hospital, and I?m your doctor. May I have a look at your leg?" "Not today, Cousin Pam. But you call Uncle Andy and we will have a meeting, and he…

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