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The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) RSS feed -- Search Results in Rheumatology. NEJM ( is a weekly general medical journal that publishes new medical research findings, review articles, and editorial opinion on a wide variety of topics of importance to biomedical science and clinical practice.

Cardiovascular Safety of Febuxostat or Allopurinol in Patients with Gout
31/12/69 - Gout is a chronic illness characterized by hyperuricemia, arthropathy, tophus development, and urolithiasis and is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular and chronic kidney disease. The risk of cardiovascular events, including death, is substantially higher in people with gout than in…

Primary Sjögren?s Syndrome
31/12/69 - This Journal feature begins with a case vignette highlighting a common clinical problem. Evidence supporting various strategies is then presented, followed by a review of formal guidelines, when they exist. The article ends with the authors? clinical recommendations. A 52-year-old woman presents…

Interstitial Keratitis in Cogan?s Syndrome
31/12/69 - A 24-year-old woman who had a 10-year history of intermittent episodes of redness and photophobia in both eyes presented to the ophthalmology clinic with visual changes. On examination, the visual acuity was 20/30 in the right eye and 20/25 in the left eye. Slit-lamp examination revealed…

Consequences of the 340B Drug Pricing Program
31/12/69 - The federal 340B Drug Pricing Program allows qualifying hospitals to purchase outpatient drugs at substantial discounts and to dispense or administer them to patients while receiving standard reimbursements from insurers. The program was created in 1992, but few hospitals participated until…

Case 2-2018: A 41-Year-Old Woman with Vision Disturbances and Headache
31/12/69 - Presentation of Case. Dr. John H. Stone: A 41-year-old woman was evaluated in the rheumatology clinic of this hospital because of headaches and a 6-week history of intermittent, transient vision loss. Four years before the current presentation, a skin eruption on the right foot and a lesion on the…

Myeloablative Autologous Stem-Cell Transplantation for Severe Scleroderma
31/12/69 - Scleroderma with internal-organ involvement (diffuse cutaneous systemic sclerosis) is a devastating autoimmune disorder. Despite advances in management, mortality driven by pulmonary involvement has not changed in 40 years. Although disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs (DMARDs) and biologics have…

Pathophysiology of Chronic Graft-versus-Host Disease and Therapeutic Targets
31/12/69 - Chronic graft-versus-host disease (GVHD) can inflict debilitating tissue injury and puts patients at high risk for death from infections. For several decades, little progress was made in the treatment of chronic GVHD, with no drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for treating…

An Unusual Cause of Leg Pain
31/12/69 - Foreword. In this Journal feature, information about a real patient is presented in stages (boldface type) to an expert clinician, who responds to the information, sharing his or her reasoning with the reader (regular type). The authors? commentary follows. Stage. A 67-year-old woman presented to…

Strawberry Gingivitis in Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis
31/12/69 - Figure 1.

An Unusual Cause of Leg Pain
31/12/69 - A 67-year-old woman presented to her primary care physician with pain in her legs. Approximately 7 weeks earlier, she had noticed a cramping sensation in the back of both thighs and both calves that occurred after walking a couple of blocks and was relieved with rest. . . .

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